SaralInvoice: Send a friendly payment reminder to your customer for unpaid invoice.

Generating invoices for your selling goods or services makes you happy. As it stats that business is growing. But it makes you more happy when you receive payments for those invoices.

Using saralinvoice you can manage your business on mobile. Manage products or services you sell. Also list of customers you server. Using the app you can easily track which invoices are paid and which are unpaid. Also you can see customer’s total due payments.

So if you remind your customers for those unpaid payments it makes alert for your customers to pay those payments. Also reminder engage you with your customer by alerting them.

Using saral invoice you can easily send these payment reminders. Also you can define you reminder template too. To do so just go to the settings of the app and tap on payment reminder template. Write your template. Inside your payment reminder template mention payment amount as {0}.

Once you set the template just open any unpaid invoice and tap on three dots on top right corner for invoice menu. Select payment reminder option.

It will asks for the app through which you wanted to share payment reminder like whatsapp, email or messaging etc. I have chose whats app and select the customer contact chat. The message will be automatically filled with invoice due amount and send to customer.

This is how it is easy to send payment reminder right from your mobile device.

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